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Pet food was once a very simple matter, most people simply fed pets the scraps from their tables. Today we know that feeding our dogs scraps is bed and can lead to health problems because the foods that humans eat are not always suitable for dogs.

Lighten up on the accelerator. The faster you drive, the more gas you use. Speed limits have gone up around most of the nation, but you don’t have to see your fuel consumption go up drastically as well. For example, driving 55 miles per hour rather than driving 65 miles per hour can economy tips by two miles per gallon.

All is well. Before Obama was even born, George Bush dressed up like Rahm Emmanuel and instructed the ghost of Millard Fillmore to talk Joe Sestak out of running for the Senate. In return, Sestak was promised Arlen Specter’s loyalty, which clearly is an object with no intrinsic value.

If your car is parked outside in the sun, this can cause the emissions to evaporate from your car. Another thing that results from parking out in the sun is that when you get in the car, you are more than likely to turn the air condition very high and this eats up the gas. So the nest time you park, also try to look for a shade or a tree to park under if there is currently no garage available to park in.

When things start going up, up, up…the laws of finans as well as physics have to come into play, one would think. So, like a huge beautiful balloon, would both the markets continue rising till the time comes to burst? All other factors remaining the same, this glorious ride may still be a great one. However, it just needs one spoilsport catalyst – from a natural disaster to a nosedive in the stock markets to blow up. All said and done, there is just that much of land on this earth and no matter how much the population grows, there’s just so much terra firma – no more, no less. So it would make sense to view it as the safest investment there is.

While men like to view women as gold diggers, a look in the mirror may be needed at some point. We spend a lot of time and effort during the dating process attempting to impress women with what we have, what we drive and where we take them for dinner. However, once the relationship turns serious, we wanna explain the facts of finance to them. We let them in on a little secret. What’s done to impress you during the courtship can’t continue if we plan on surviving.

My husband is the former President of a certain country which, for understandable reasons of anonymity, I’ll withhold. I recently came into possession of candid photographs, catching him yet again in a compromising position with a certain self-help columnist who publishes under the byline “Dear Abby Redux.” Would you care to make a financial contribution to my next Presidential campaign?