Cross Selling Final Expense Leads

There is never a convenient time for death. Whether a death is sudden or a long time coming, the effects are still tremendous, no matter how much you prepare.

Scattering the cremated remains after cremation can leave family and friends without a place or manner in which to pay tribute. You can satisfy both your wishes and those of family and friends through permanent memorialization. This gives your family and friends a place to visit, which often helps in the recovery process. Keep in mind that federal, state and local regulations may limit the areas where cremation remains may be scattered.

What I like about final expense insurance quote sales is that it is very simple and it pays a lot of money. For example, my first final expense appointment paid me $1300 in commission. That was my first appointment, my first sale and I got paid $1300. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was. Especially since my next two appointments were also a sale and ended up paying me $2200 for one day of work. Wow! I just couldn’t believe it and from that point forward, I was ready to take on the world.

This money is usually not taxed either. So if there is any money left over, after the expenses are paid, the named beneficiaries are free to keep it. So this can also be a good way for loved ones to leave a little money behind for their family or friends.

If you have a young family that depends upon you for support, then you will want to replace your income for a period of time. Consider education costs for your spouse or children. Think of your house payment. You certainly want to leave your family with a nice place to live. People in this situation usually buy term life insurance policies. These policies last for a certain “term” or period of time, from 10 to 30 years. They start at about $25,000 and no medical exam life insurance limits can go up to $400,000. It is usually tough to write a policy like this on anybody past retirement age, or those with certain health conditions.

These people are in real need of these policies and are instant customers. They can imagine how terrible it feels to lose someone and not be able to pay for the funeral expenses. They have gone through the stress of having to ask for financial help.

Option 2 is ultimatley the best pick. You can still have the funeral and burial don ethe way you want it at the funeral home of your choice. The cost will be the same but with Final Expense Life Insurance you will just make small regular payments while you are alive. This could save you thousands of $$ in the event of an untimely death.

Your family is important to you and protecting them is your top priority. It’s always a good idea to look ahead at how they’ll be taken care of should anything suddenly happens to you. Now there is an affordable way to guarantee your family will have the cash they need to cover bills and other expenses after your death.