Customer Service Basics Are Timeless

What was the difference in these two service experiences? One of these businesses got my money because of positive experiences with their touch points. A touch point is any point of direct interaction between a stakeholder and a business. In this case, I experienced 4 touch points: the website, the initial phone contact, the phone contact with the tech, and the actual service call with the tech. All of these were positive which makes me a happy customer.

Finally, determine how you’ll know for certain that the customer was satisfied with your “customer service.” If the customer’s not satisfied, your Telus customer service system has failed, no matter how good you think it is.

Further, for a starter its better to start with limited services . This will help in getting a solid support base, and as the company grows keep adding new services. Also update tutorials, and problem solvers as new services are added.

So make it a point to really listen to your customers. Make a commitment to treat all your customers well. After all, giving great customer services is one of the best and cheapest marketing tools available. When you treat your customers well, or even better, when you deliver beyond their expectations, you will be rewarded.

Business week compiled a list of the top 25 customer service companies. Shop one or two of those companies and test their customer service against your customer service. No one ever thrills 100% of the people 100% of the time; however, that remains a worthy goal.

Rather than explaining your situation to someone who is not in a position to make a decision, ask to speak to the branch (or company’s) highest authority. This will establish that you’re serious about the situation and will, in most cases, ensure the issue is resolved as speedily as possible.

Jeremy and Pearl Izumi have created a lifetime customer and a raving fan! Those of you who are bikers or runners, buy their product-they stand behind it.

I only have one concern. I’m worried about letting Jeremy down, it’s the part about making me “look good out on the road.” I’m not sure new bike shorts can do it-unless they have a burkha model in lycra-at least covering me up completely might help.