Dj Cheriana Gets Back To Her Roots!

I have been aware of the Law of Attraction for a few years now and there has been proof in my life, both good and not so good at different times, that this is the real deal. Very simply: What you think about and how you feel about it is what you attract.

When we talk about positive Tomorrow is a new day, it is important to understand that lighting has a crucial role to play in giving positive or negative vibes. The lighting should make your clients cheerful and positive. A meeting room should be brightly lit. It should induce a light, cheerful and happy mood throughout your meeting. This is an important factor in the success of your meeting. Moreover, poor lighting also has many other drawbacks. Meetings include visual aids, documents and so on. You may be unable to see or read them properly.

First good vibes of all music can change a mood incredibly fast. Some people surround themselves with music that matches their mood, and in some cases this is great. If you are sad, however, and you play sad music, you are simply lending more of your energy to sadness, which will continue to be attracted to you. So play music that you would normally play when you are in a great mood. This will lift your spirits quickly.

If you’d like to increase your numbers or experiences, one way to not accomplish this is to have your attention on not having it already. If that last sentence sounds confusing, it’s no more confusing than how we process our desire for more on our order form we place into the field. You’ll get there quicker if you can touch the feeling that there’s no separation between you, the field, source, and what you desire except in your perception that there is.

Enthusiasm is something which we can all access in infinite quantities, simply by choosing to do so. We are not limited as to how enthusiastic we can be; it is purely a matter of one’s own mindset, one’s own attitude and expectations. There are no limits at all to the levels of enthusiasm which you are capable of. I find this thought really exciting and endlessly enticing. If you were to choose to be ever more enthusiastic about things in your day to day life, would this not mean that you would be ever happier in your day to day life?

One situation that often arises and tests a player’s patience, humility and communication skills is one where the client doesn’t like what you’re doing and says so in front of the players and staff, in a sense putting you on the hot seat. Their intention may not be to do that at all! It can be very testing as to how to respond in a way that disarms the situation yet still retains the confidence in the eventual outcome and continues the forward motion and good vibes of a session.

Immediately, I flipped my switch back to the good old joyful-giddy place and am thankful that some creepy little punk slashed my tires so that I could become aware that I need to replace my brakes. Hmmm. This good vibe stuff can be challenging. And that is no secret.