Great Restaurants In San Antonio, Texas

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Canetti’s Seafood Grotto is one of those places that should not be forgotten. This place is San Pedro. owner Joe Canetti as been in the kitchen most of his life cooking up meals, (mostly amazing fish entrees), talking with costumers and being the alling her father a well-deserved break. Many restaurant owners have gone down the same road as Mr. Canetti, but he has not retired. Mr. Canetti and Joann know their restaurant is a healthy and tasty place to eat. Grease is out and grilled items are what folks enjoy.

For breakfast, they have fresh muffins (my favorite are the Chocolate Muffins – too die for!), Bagel Egg and Bacon Sandwiches (scrumptious!), Croissant Egg Sandwiches, Sausage Croissant Sandwiches, Bagels (with all the usual fillings), and lots of other pastries. Prices range from 45 baht for a muffin (about $1.25) all the way up to 100 baht ($3) for a stuffed croissant sandwich. They often do specials though, where you can get a croissant or bagel breakfast sandwich and coffee for around 100 baht ($3), which is a great deal.

Au Bon Pain in Bangkok does also deliver anything on their menu (and quickly!) and they do cater if you have a special event, business lunch or dinner, wedding or party.

I love Au Bon Pain because the food is great (always fresh!), the staff are nice, the restaurant locations are convenient and the prices (although very high for Thailand) are not too bad for most Westerners. I eat at Au Bon Pain at least seven or eight times a month and have rarely been disappointed with the food.

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