Jewellery Diamonds – How To Maintain Its Value Over Time

Selling diamonds are either profitable or something to think twice about. Mainly because there is a lot of buyers who will try to get your diamonds at the cheapest price possible. Next would be selling your diamonds if it’s a family heirloom or something with sentimental value. This would be two of the main factors that you need to think about thoroughly before selling those thousand dollar “rocks”.

Most shoppers don’t know that the cut of the diamond does not mean its shape. The term ‘cut’, according to gemologists, is the proportion of the diamond- from its width and depth to uniformity of facets- everything that deals with its durability, brilliance and other qualities that make 鑽石戒指 so precious.

Although the term “heart shaped diamond” is fairly self-explanatory, there are very specific and sometimes complex processes involved in the cutting of a diamond into a heart shape. The majority of heart shaped diamonds have a heart facet at the top, and triangular shaped facets around the table.

If you plan on selling diamonds, the best and wisest choice would be getting the help of an appraiser first. These guys don’t come cheap and a good appraiser must be paid well. The importance of this method is to know the actual price of your diamond. You cant sell your diamond to the first store that you find. You should know exactly how much it is worth in order to get the best profit.

A diamond typically loses 35 percent of its weight when it is cut in order to make the light pass through through it, making the diamond reflect light and sparkle.

When you’re trying to find a way to tell the person you’re with that you love them, pink ones are the way to go. However, they’re extremely rare. Thus, if you can find a pink diamond and have the money to buy it, do it! You certainly don’t want to miss out because somebody else decided to buy it before you do.

Cut Cut is of crucial importance to a stone. Although many people think of cuts as being the shape of the diamond, such as a round diamond or a pear shaped one, the cut grading of a diamond actually refers to how well proportioned and symmetrical the diamond was cut. How well it will reflect light and optimize brilliance. Diamonds are cut from rough stones. It is an art. If the cut is done properly, it will really sparkle. The scale for cut runs from excellent to poor.