The Economics Of Life

In today’s world being happy in life and career seems impossible for many. Clarifying the invisibility of separation between life and career requires you to use a different viewpoint towards both of these essential parts of your existence. One way to achieve this enlightenment is to observe it the “Zen” way.

Having balance in your life refers not only to remembering to have a life outside of work, it refers also to ensuring you give attention to all aspects of your get inspired including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. An over or under emphasis in any of these areas is not good for you.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the modern world is designed to create shinny objects that hypnotize workout lifestyle and dull our minds at least that is true for my mind.

The truth is you can gain muscle and strength and live a healthier lifestyle and only put in a minimum amount of effort. I’m sure you’ve agreed with everything I said until now. Next time you have one minute to yourself drop down and do five push ups. If you can only do one then do one. If you are unable to do them properly then do them on your knees or up against the wall but don’t do more than five. Try to do three sets of five your first day but spread them out. Do five when you wake up, five for lunch or when you get home from work and do five right before bed. It will literally take 20-30 seconds to do them.

Start your day out with a cardio workout. Get your heart pumping the blood through your body and you will feel great for the rest of the day. When you increase your heart rate, you help your body release the built-up toxins and produce serotonin which can give you a boost of energy and happy feelings. A brisk walk or jog is a great cardio workout. If you do not have good joints, consider a swim or a ride on a bike as your form of cardio workout.

Deciding to change is just the first step. Now it is time to eat healthier and workout. Eating healthy is a conscious choice that people make. Instead of eating out, cook at home. Avoid fast food, junk food and processed food. These foods lead to increased fat within the body. Incorporate fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins into your daily diet. This will decrease weight, increase metabolism and build muscle.

If you could relate to the questions above, all you have to do is wake yourself up. Like me, you too will probably fall asleep again, but if you keep waking yourself up, you’ll find your life to be much brighter, more colorful, and far more exciting and interesting.