Understand Long Term Care

The old statistical reality is that “77% of accidents happen in the home.” This is true across the board of all ages and relative health. So if you or an elderly loved one is finding themselves less nimble on your or their feet these days it is worth considering bringing in some help. As your health declines having a meaningful and happy existence is still very much a possibility, you just have to make smart choices.

It is important that your insurance covers your help. It could get very costly if you did not arrange for an agency that is covered. If you need help finding one, call your insurance company. Ask them what home health care services agencies they work with. From there, you should be able to find one that will work for you.

If you are already ill and need treatment, this may be of little comfort. If we drastically reduced, as a nation, the total cost of health care through better diet and other great decisions (such as quitting smoking), there will be plenty to go around to take care of each and every sick person. We won’t need to skimp on anyone.

The doctors stated that she would never gain her kidney function back and it would only be a matter of time before she passed. The stated time was between 2-3 days.

You will find that some of the prices here in Costa Rica are higher than those in the States. While home phone and cell phone services, health care services, ADSL Internet, cable TV, water bills, groceries, movie-going, and haircuts are cheaper than those in the U.S., long distance phone calls, electricity (per KW per hour), dry cleaning, cars and their spare parts, and fuel (per gallon) are more expensive. Remember, however, that our electric bill is way less than half what it was in the States because we don’t need air conditioning or heating. And with Skype, I call my mother in El Paso, Texas for 2 cents a minute, which is much cheaper than my calls to her in Dallas!!

Part of every purchase – no matter what you buy, from an electronic gadget to clothes, school supplies, a car or bike, or food, health care costs are hidden in the purchase price. Why? For one thing, the seller has to pay taxes too, and part of its taxes goes for health care programs. Second, the seller is likely providing health care insurance to its employees, with a hefty tab skyrocketing year after year. The seller needs to cover those costs somehow, and you’ve been nominated.

You might have more than home health care company near you. You might be able to help your friend by checking into the various ones. You should ask how they regulate their employees and whether they do background checks before hiring. Find out whether those going into the homes are CNAs or have no nursing training at all. These are important areas to consider as you think about home health care for a friend. You will not regret checking these things out if it helps your friend to have a better quality of life.