Understanding Marriage Part 1 – What Do You Have In Common?

Acting training is very important; especially for the newcomer who may have limited credits. Every actor needs to keep on training until they reach a high level of accomplishment. It keeps your acting instrument sharp and allows you to be able to put something on your resume.

Gia is a great girl but also brings a lot of Lk21 with her which is a why I believe they brought her back. On our show I noticed she always said she “wished everyone would just be honest with each other and get along” when the whole time she was lying to everyone. lolol. I really like Gia but I don’t think she stands a chance at winning because she was on the first show.

What are you getting caught up in that is unproductive? Think about what’s important and what’s not. Recognize the difference between busy work online drama and real work.

Stand By Me(1986). This is the perfect coming of age story for most of several generations. It stars many up and coming actors of the day including and was based on a story by Stephen King and was directed by Rob Reiner. The list of actors includes: River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman, Keifer Sutherland and Jerry O’Connell.

Student films are another great way to gain training. Film students always need talented actors. They may not always be able to pay money, but you’ll walk away with the final product. Always be sure to get a video copy of your performance. The video copy of your performance displays your work as an actor; therefore you can place it on your resume or on a demo reel. Any experience from student films will be more than worth it.

Because I think that’s the only real reality TV there is. I think when people aren’t expecting it, I think it’s the most relatable television there is, because you put yourself in that position. You put yourself in their shoes. How would you react to that?

The network also said it will launch two reality series. “Plain Jane” will premiere during the summer, and “Shedding For The Wedding,” a “Biggest Loser” type show, will premiere during midseason.