Using Blogs For Your Network Marketing Business

Blogs are very useful as means to attract our target market. List builder gurus often tell us and encourage us to make blogs since there is that greater percentage where we can build our list. If this happens, we are getting close to what we aim-profit.

Elated, I built other Visit my profile. The more lines you have in the water, the better chance you’ll catch a fish, right? Each was slightly different than the preceding one, but I still hawked the same products. All have links back to my “main” website, and all have brought me sales.

Wanda recognized the look of panic in Mrs. Schwartz’s eyes when she walked through the door. She remembered what it was like to want only the best for your children. That is why her stock online blogs and her sales staff were top notch. Taking a moment to converse with Mrs. Schwartz, Wanda was able to find out the size of the family, budget constraints, needs and lifestyle preferences. All this information went into a psychographic profile database for future use. When Mrs. Schwartz left that day with her purchases she seemed pleased.

Your goal is to send out 100-200 friend requests a day per profile. Next, you want to send out comments to all your friends everyday (Hint: Make the comments generic in nature, not spam!! Your comments will get picked up by the search engines resulting in free traffic). Finally, you want to send out one Bulletin a day per profile. All your friends will see Business profiles your bulletins.

Much has changed on Facebook in the last 7 years. In fact, 7 years ago Facebook was still not available to the public, you needed a college email address to join. In these early days I doubt if anyone knew the potential of Facebook in the business world. At the time many had created profile pages for their business, and that is exactly what happened with Guinto’s Helping Hands. Over the years a profile account can acquire many friends, so why should you throw away all of that hard work to start from scratch with a fan page?

The first thing you want to do is to set up a free profile and begin by adding good content about yourself and your background. You can go to YouTube and find favorite videos and copy and paste the embed code into your MySpace profile. You can also go to websites like pimp my profile and other similar websites to find free profile templates.

Just remember that in order for you to accomplish this, you must first concentrate on establishing your reputation as a blogger. You can do this by providing valuable and creative information to your readers. When you are the type of blogger who writes literary pieces, make sure to present unique ideas.