10 Secrets And De-Stressing Tips For Living Longer And Happier

Want more minutes at the point guard spot? Not sure why another player has that starting point guard spot? Want to see what coaches look for in a point guard?

If you think about it every professional, whether they be in business or nba rumors, has a coach to guide their training. Why should it be different in MLM marketing? The answer is, “It isn’t!” In fact, as the CEO of You, Inc. you have every right to expect the best coaching and training there is to offer.

Everyone trains for different reasons. Some people start a physical activity because they want to look better, lose weight (…fat) or because they want to get that fabulous six-pack. I know people who train because they want to look good naked, plain and simple. So, what keeps you up at night? What do you secretly desire?

By now, you know that daily exercise is a good energy booster and great for your health. When you are in top shape, it gives you a healthy lifestyle and it can make you live longer as well. Once your body adapts to a daily exercise routine, there is no stopping you from doing it for the rest of your life. One habit that will be very hard to break.

How much you eat and, more importantly, WHAT you eat plays a critical role in how often you can and should train. Don’t think nutrition plays a big role in training frequency? Eat nothing but Pop Tarts for a week and see how often you’re able to train…

Because of the specific job conditions I was in at the time, I reduced the frequency of my training to three sessions per week and reduced my total training volume. I did total body workouts on each of the three days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), using the heaviest exercises for each bodypart for 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps each (e.g. squats, bench press, bent-over rows).

Don’t we all know the saying, pigs get fatter, and hogs get slaughtered? Do I have to revert back to my farm days and produce pictures of pigs and hogs for people to be able to differentiate and understand?