101 Ways To Mold Your Mind

For two weeks, that Manuel was living in our ward, I got the opportunity to see (up close and personal), what this dreadful disease is all about, and I can report…it’s not good…NOT good at all. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are similar, and I can’t really tell the difference, so the best way to proceed, is the define both of the illnesses.

Throughout the checkout process, the cashier was asking if everyone is alright. I think she assumed I had drugged or somehow coerced my wife into shopping with me. It was all a bit surreal. My wife’s condition improved a bit on the drive home, but I put her straight to bed, as her condition was still a bit shaky.

Where would you be without your intelligence, imagination and creativity? How would you survive without your memory, your intuition or your ability to reason? You rely on these avocat succession insanité d’esprit every day of your life, so where does that leave you if your mind is unclear?

If you want to move towards spirituality, try Jungian analysis. This is the closest thing that I know of to how I achieved my own spiritual growth that led me to my “original experience” of God. Jungian analysis will cost you some money. Worse than that it will require some courage to face your impaired mental faculties own shortcomings and humiliations and monsters. That’s why so many people avoid it and say, “There must be another way.” But real psychotherapy has put me in touch with my real self and real spirituality.

One of the causes behind this misconception is that hypnotists often use the word “SLEEP!” as a command to put someone into hypnosis. This is because sleep is used as a metaphor for helping someone go into hypnosis. I will teach you more about hypnotic metaphors in later articles.

Today, the emphasis on time has become more pronounced. And so while time has contracted, work has expanded. The only way to keep up is to work through increased capacity – in short through going over all your reading material in double quick time.

Anxiety is not an enemy. Rather, it is your ally. The moment you are able to harness your anxiety, you regain full control of your life. One way to create an alliance with anxiety is to befriend your fears, and own and embrace them without letting them take control. Those fears, whether realistic or not, are part of you. But, give them an inch and they will become your ruler. Fear is a natural emotion, but it can also be a paralyzing emotion, especially if left unchecked.

Rid your life of stress as much as possible; you cannot eliminate it completely, and research shows some stress can actually be beneficial. An abundance of stress can be detrimental to both your body and mind, so you should be aware of how you handle major events and everyday worries. You can use meditation to combat the effects of stress. There are many instructional CDs available if you are new to meditation or unsure of the process.