5 Tips For Endurance Training In The Heat

Alex Rodriguez’s admission to steroid use from 2001-2003 yesterday was the latest example of tarnish and cheating and lying. Young? Not too young to cash the big checks! Stupid, yes, I’ll readily agree. Greedy? Check. Selfish? Surely. A hero? Not.

Using the correct footwear is very important when it comes to running. Running is a high impact physical exercise. The constant pounding on the joints especially if you run on hard surfaces such as concrete can put a lot excessive strain on the feet, ankles and knees. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a pair of trainers that are quality made and provide the necessary support. A pair of shoes that are cheap and inadequate will only result in discomfort, poor performance and potential injury.

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Everyone trains for different reasons. Some people start a physical activity because they want to look better, lose weight (…fat) or because they want to get that fabulous six-pack. I know people who train because they want to look good naked, plain and simple. So, what keeps you up at night? What do you secretly desire?

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When you decide on the pair you want it is advisable to purchase them from a specialist shop. They will have greater knowledge of the products and will be able to offer you more expert advice on the best training shoes to go for. Try out a pair before you buy. Take them out of the box, put them on your feet and test them out. Walk and jog up and down the shop to ensure it is the right size and fit.