A Few Good Reasons Why Seo Submission Pays

When you start a new web company or create a new website, one of your first questions will be “how do I get traffic?” After all, traffic means more sales, more clients, more advertisers… and more profits. And though there are paid methods you can use to get traffic, the best traffic comes from the search engines. Search engine traffic is free, targeted, and long lasting. Which is why implementing search engine optimization for your site is so important.

A keyword search volume analysis will help you determine what keywords the prospective should focus on. If the client has shown interest in a geo-specific campaign, then you can try using this geo specific keyword research tool. Once you have the results, export them to an Excel spreadsheet and eliminate the keywords that aren’t relevant to the client’s needs. In general, I usually eliminate any keywords that have less than 1,000 of monthly search traffic on Google. You can also delete those that aren’t niche specific or are too broad to have real meaning. This can still leave you with more than a 100 keywords. You will probably only be able to target 20-30 of them initially, but keep the remaining ones for when you try to up-sell Phase II SEO services.

If you are not up to speed on solid seo marketing techniques and methods, start learning now. Take a course or study at a live workshop, but however you do it, get your Hong Kong SEO agency skills up to speed so you can really help people. If you can show them a strategy that really puts dollars in their pocket, they’ll put dollars in YOUR pocket!

Keep this preliminary report handy so that you can include it in your proposal. It’s always useful to show clients why you think they should focus on certain strategies over others. Of course, your prospective client isn’t going get 100 percent of available traffic no matter what techniques you use.

The best way, of course, would be through seo services itself. What better way to show prospective clients your prowess at search engine optimization than ranking high for a coveted keyword phrase such as ‘traffic’ or ‘high ranking’ on Google?

How large is the SEO firm you want to work with? Sure it’s nice to know you are dealing with a large, well established firm with 40-50 personnel on staff. But, how responsive do you think they are going to be with your account? The larger the firm is, the more likely it is to have policies and procedures and the more likely you are to run into someone who is going to say “sorry…that’s our policy!”. Wouldn’t you rather hear an enthusiastic…”sure we can do that for you!”? Let’s face it…smaller companies give better customer service and “bend” the rules because at smaller companies, the rules are made by the people who are serving you, not by a stuffy board of directors or business owners that don’t understand the first thing about SEO.

The only thing you need to remember is that nothing last forever – other sites are also choosing to SEO there sites also just like you. And over time this will effect your ranking as more and more sites go the same SEO way. So while in the short term you might be impressed with the results. Over time as more sites get SEO’d, this will have an adverse effect on your site in general as there sites begin to take advantage of a higher rank with more pages listed in search engines.