Adam Lambert American Music Awards Press Conference Interview

If you want to download music for your Ipod, the legal free music is definitely the way to go. Almost everyone I know has an Ipod, and quite a few of them spend hours looking for things on shady P2P sites, and a few of them have even gotten viruses. I’ve told them time and again about the free legal music download sites but they won’t listen. Will you?

The Pimsleur audio programs are my preferred way to get a basic foundation in a language. They are music download a purely audio program. You simply listen and respond. They start from the beginning and slowly build up basic competency.

A: We’re gonna do another record, but I’m not sure when we’re going to have time because the touring cycle for Nevermore just started, and it’s going to get crazy. (Guitarist) Sean (Blosl) didn’t really want to do it basically, so Jeff, who was actually a member of Sanctuary at the end, is going to do it live. I’m not sure he’ll be recording, though. That band was about Lenny, and Nevermore was more about Jeff, so we try to keep both of those separate.

Is the membership area easy to navigate around? Is it easy to find the song you want? Do they provide step by step instructions on how to download the iPod music files to your iPod?

I love having so much music in one place. I love that it takes up so little space in my tiny house. But what I hate, what I truly loath, is that it is such a jumble. I can’t tell you how many “Unknown Artists” I have in my collection or how many “Track 01, Track 02” tunes slog along the paths of my djmaza collection. Of course, the artists are not unknown. I know who the artists are—but their names don’t show up on the digital file.

Napster: Notwithstanding it’s rocky past the new Napster is a superbly legal music download site and their full library of digital music, [over 2 million songs] is totally free to listen to. And Napster has a selection of subscription options to choose from which means you’re sure to find a plan that is best for you. Most users will be impressed with the overall depth and breadth of the Napster catalog. Very few searches turn up no results.

Practice books are extremely helpful for both beginners and experienced players. These contain exercises and tips that improve your technique. Many also teach musical theory, providing detailed explanations of scales, chords, modes and relative tonality. This is great for expanding your musical palette and understanding how melodies and harmonies work in the context of a piece.

Work On Your Weakest Link. For example, if you been sitting on your desk all day long, you may want to work on strengthening the muscle that help support your upper and lower back. You’ve been sitting, supported on a chair and that lifestyle can weaken those back muscles. Work on the areas that affect your posture. Your neck and upper back muscles might be tight so you may want to stretch out. Your hip flexors, calves because you’ve been in a seated position. If possible, do a quick warm up before you stretch and break a little sweat.