Another Sample Sale Weekend

Fashion has always played a role in every stage of my life. I can’t remember a time that I haven’t been in love with clothes and the fashion world. My parents have always been around creative people including photographers. My aunt Sula, also a photographer, and other family friends had me modeling as early as age three so, fashion started very early for me! My mom told me when I was little I announced that I would only wear bathing suits or dresses, so I was making wardrobe decisions at a very young age.

The second floor at Inorbit is the most bustling area of the mall. This is the place for entertainment and appetite. A wide range of food outlets from Subway to Falafel’s (the hummus joint) is available here. The Food Court extends over a widespread seating area. A large screen projected in the middle of the seating area telecasts music or matches. There a game parlour spread over a spacious area for the tiny tots and the gamers. To the right there are electronics and stationery stores like Staples and Jumbo Electronics and the Parachute Eccentricity mighty Bose store for speakers. Theres a Crossword bookstore at the end and two pool tables to shoot some good ol billiards.

With this you have a huge scope of experimentation with accessories like trendy necklaces, bracelets and trendy hoop earrings. Just like once jeans were in fashion, now it is the time of printed leggings. Always examine the material of the leggings carefully as some cheap ones can cause itching and discomfort. Galaxy prints, animal prints, clouds, surreal imagery and large crosses have been spotted as the trendiest option this season.

I’m currently addicted to my tie dyed scarves. I love the layers to this process. I take great care in selecting the fabrics, dyes and coming up with the overall color combination. I also find the folding and dying process to be meditative and relaxing. I love that I can influence and initiate a pattern color and always get something unexpected and unique o du lech tam when I unwrap the fabric.

Remember, you are buying at a huge discount. If a piece does not fit quite right but is otherwise perfect for you buy it and splurge on alterations you’ll likely Parachute eccentricity still come out ahead money wise.

Like most donation only shops (no consignment), the quality here varies, but it’s worth a look since they have an extensive collection and an expanded men’s section.

Rue 14. For those 14th Street dwellers familiar with the now-defunct Pop, Rue 14 happily picks up where it left off. The cheery upstairs (way upstairs) shop features Penguin polos, Modern Amusement buttonups, and Cheap Monday denim.Husband-and-wife owners, Jiwon and Andrew Paik-Nguyens, serve up fun, affordable fashion with a smile. 1803A 14th St., NW.