Article Creation – The Power Of Three

Article spinners have become a wide known Internet marketing phenomenon. They twist and spin your articles into hundreds of new completely unique articles. This is important for a few reasons. Google’s new updates are cracking down now on duplicate content harder now than ever. Articles have to be 90% unique or Google will penalize you. Getting your article to 90% uniqueness can be difficult for even a human to do.

I still find it tough sometimes to get started, but what has gotten me to enjoy article rewriter is a simple and stable rule that I can count on to get me started and keep me going. Article creation can actually be fun and rewarding once you know the secret to successful article writing.

The idea is to create quality content that will make the reader want to actually finish the article, and then ultimately click on your link in the end. If the reader does not finish the article or have their interest aroused enough to click on your links, they won’t click through to your site.

Articles should be well written in proper English so that they are easy to understand. It is very difficult to read articles that are poorly written and contain a lot of spelling and grammatical errors.

If you can write 5 articles a day, submit them to the web directories and article directories, you can dramatically improve the amount of traffic you generate to your website, your page ranking on the search engine results and the number of back links created to your site.

I want to tell you a little about the free article spinner I have been using since the beginning of the year. Recently Ken Koh added yet another feature to what was already a good tool.

If you write for someone, you should provide them a great article for their online marketing strategy. I do not recommend spinning articles and resubmitting them. There is a better use for the unique content.

There are several ways and means to drive traffic. A few cost a lot of money, a few are cheap and even free. Using the three free techniques talked about in this article will allow you to drive traffic to your site for free. Email signature, forum posting, as well as writing articles are all great and free techniques to increase targeted website traffic.