Coping With A Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s

Anxiety is something that everyone goes through at one time or another. Kids and adults are both susceptible to having routine anxiety. Examples of things that can cause anxiety are: First day of school, bill collector’s calling and moving to a new house.

Hyperfocus- When something captures your attention, you can focus on it for hours. The ability to mentally tune out distractions and become so focused means you can get a lot done, as well as have a huge sense of satisfaction afterwards. This is similar to what Czech online psychology therapy Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “Flow.” Time disappears and your actions flow from you.

An Episcopal Bishop has been working for months on the plans for a new cathedral paid for by a widow. His family life is deteriorating and he is questioning why he became a churchman. Dudley, an angel, sent to help him. Dudley helps everyone he meets but not always in the way they wanted. Everyone loves him except Henry who begins to believe that Dudley is there to replace him at work and in his home.

The first part of this film, set hundreds of years ago, shows the origin of Santa Claus and how he was given immortality and chosen to deliver toys to all over the world. The second half moves into the modern era, in which Patch (Dudley Moore), the head elf, strikes out on his own and falls in with an evil toy manufacturer (Lithgow) who wants to corner the market and eliminate Santa Claus.

This is a very rare film which most people have never seen. I, for one, haven’t seen it on TV in decades. It’s a very sad story, even the ending, although happy, is still sad, at least to me. But, it’s a good sad. And it stars James Stewart! It’s a very hard felt role by Stewart and Kamee Aliessa is just adorable as a little girl named Clarissa. It’s a definite must see!

Casey was clearly focussed and in the zone, as he explained at the press conference, “I kept my head down, to be honest, and didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on. I just thought it was incredibly difficult out there, so why burden myself with knowing too much.” He went on to say, “It wasn’t until the last green I looked up when I was in the bunker and knew I had to get up and down to beat J.B. Otherwise a play off.” He went on to beat long-hitting J.B. Holmes in the playoff.

I hope these tips are useful for you in maintaining your New Year’s resolutions and good luck. Best wishes for the year ahead and if you have any comments please pass them on.