Daniel Chiriac: Creating A Life Of Art By Painting Beauty

Phineas P. Gage was my childhood mentor, nemesis, confident, and friend. We go back to the mid 60s when we roamed SDSU frat houses looking for open parties full of Schlitz kegs and buckets of Old Tom Gin feeding pretty coeds with echoes of the night before.

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Shortly thereafter, for her birthday, Dana and Emily’s husband, Tom, took Emily to Hobby Lobby and got her a set of paints of her own. The decision to paint together came a little later, but not much.

Instead, the two practice what they have been told is an illegitimate art form, using knives, brushes, sponges and even fingers to apply paint to the canvas to get the look they want. And while Dana is all for going bigger, Emily’s current trend is to go disposable. “I don’t use archival quality paper or prepared the canvas to last forever. I know this work is fleeting,” she said.

Remove the batteries first; soldering the terminals with the batteries in place isn’t the best idea. Open the mobile using the triangular bit on the four back-panel screws. Be careful when opening up the mobile, as the wires inside do not have a lot of slack. Identify the red (+) and black (-)…

Once you have marked the box you will now need a measurement of your arms. Measure around your armpit. You want this spot to be the most comfortable because if you measure wrong the box will rub you wrong while your arms are poking out. Add at least 2 inches to your measurement. I have a 20 inch measurement so now my measurement will be 22 inches. Divide that into half (which mine would be 11) and cut out your circle for your arms. Use the same circle cutting technique that you used to cut out the hole for your head. Now your box is ready to wear. Try it on first so you can make any adjustments before continuing on with the painting.

Firstly there is the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park. This is so called because the city owns the artwork as a direct result of having been given it by Sir William Burrell. There are thousands of items to look at and they don’t just cover paintings either. There are tapestries and much more besides to browse around and appreciate.

It took a bit of time but the home decor turned out to fabulous with the new paint and new accessories. I bought some nice accessories too. I got cushion covers, rugs, table covers and some paintings. I love my new home decor.