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On the other hand, I hate how I have to struggle to find inspiration when I need it. Finding inspiration may be easy for others, but if you find yourself constantly looking for it, then maybe it’s time you searched for it instead of waiting for it to come find you.

Read or listen to something walk with me al. Two things I read everyday, my bible and an e-mail I get from RunnersWorld; the RW quote of the day. When I open the RW e-mail, it is very aptly entitled “Daily Kick in the Butt.” Short little quotes from people who run. Few are professional runners. They have various occupations, they all just happen to run. Biographies are also a great source of inspiration. If you don’t have time to read, rent or purchase an audiobook to listen to during your daily commute.

Now you might say ‘But I have tried to do things differently may times but I have not succeeded’. There is a really good reason for this and guess what it’s not your fault. It all has to do with your brain. There are three major reasons.

Many people fail in the growth period for a number of reasons, one of them being through laziness. They simply can’t be bothered looking after their newly hatched idea. They allow other more cumbersome things to get in the way, and block their little growth from happening. This is indeed very sad, because if they were able to simply give their growth some care and attention, they would be most delighted with the results.

But if you find it all to easy to give up, if you don’t think you have the internal strength to keep trying or you can’t find the right person to model, find a mentor. An effective mentor will analyze where you are, help you discover the steps to your dream lifestyle, and keep you accountable to completing each step along the way. Knowing you have that support and knowing you’ll have to report about your progress regularly will add to whatever motivation you already have and get you to the top – your dream lifestyle.

In the times of our ancestors, before the common matchstick was invented and developed, preserving fire was of utmost importance. What good would it do to have a fireplace full of wood all neatly stacked, and have not so much as a spark of fire to get it going?

As the saying goes “Knowlege is Power!”. Now that you know there is an easy, fun, convenient and affordable way to keep track of your children’s growth spurts, using kids decals growth charts, you can start creating these memories with them! Not only can growth charts make it easy for us parents to measure our kid’s exterior changes, but its a good reminder to encourage them of the interior changes as well! Happy Measuring!