Easy Knitting Patterns – Knit Christmas Gifts

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Perhaps there’s a new arrival in your family and you want to knit jumpers or booties or mittens for them. If you’ve not knitted this sort of thing for years, then you might need a pattern to make sure that you get it right.

knitting exercises your mind! In knitting, you are working the logical side of your brain as well as the creative side. There is a lot of basic math involved with knitting. Calculating the number of yards of yarn you will need for your pattern, figuring out the gauge of your Knitting is my life, and following knitting charts all exercise the logical side of your brain.

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The colors that are best used are subtle ones depending on the weather you have in your area. At this point in time, it is best to tone down on the sunny yellows and pinks and to trade it in for a mellow look. Whites and greys are great color options. This includes all the shades that go in between this color scheme. In addition to this, wearing black is a good fashion statement as it directly contrasts with the white color of the environment making your ensemble pleasing to the eye. You can get pieces that are a combination of these basic colors.

These tips should get you started. As I come across more fun knitting secrets, I’ll write additional articles. So be sure to check back often; you never what you’ll find!