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Koreans use the bow for greetings which is the same as in Japan. The lower you bow the more respect you pay to the other person. A common introduction to a new person it is usual to bow first and then shake hands. It is better to let the other person offer their hand first. Family members bow to each other and children of any age are expected to bow to their parents touching their heads to the floor at special family events held during the year.

Big mouth open and foot right in. Talk about opening up a can of worms. It was more like opening up a bag to find it contained a hornet’s nest. Well I thought I was going to have to call the United Nations to come and rescue me. They cornered me at my front door, one of them pulling a daring flanking manoeuvre to prevent me getting back inside.

Niagara Falls, New York. This wonder of nature is visited by people from all over the world who wish to stand in awe of such a large expanse of moving water. The lights on the water at night are stunning.

Cover your head to keep cool in the sun. Hats, scarfs and even a newspaper keeps the rays off your head and your body cooler. Umbrellas can be a nice choice as well.

There are different variations of kenos developed in different parts of the world. Keno has also made it to the Internet and ‘internet keno’ has become a choicest game of the net and gamble freaks. Video keno is also very popular among the masses as it involves live and direct results. Keno is played in most of the casinos in United States, but as a gamble game it is not yet played in China due to the fact that in China all kinds of seilb├ąt are illegal.

Complimentaries or “comps” as they are most often referred to as, are offered at almost every casino in the world. After spending quite a bit of time and money at tables, casinos recognize this. Most casinos offer complimentary beverages while playing and after a while may offer you free a free night stay. Why you ask? Well the more time you stay with them and gamble, the more likely they will make that money back. If a casino is only 75% full, what is the true cost of giving you a free night stay? Maybe $20 for cleaning? That money can be earned in minutes with you at the casino.

I mentioned the importance of betting on teams that have winning records, but it goes a little farther. The team would preferably have a winning record in the situation as well.

Remember to think of others as well. The younger and older folks are hit hard during overwhelming heat. Make sure they are cool in their situations. Dogs and cats need extra water. Cars need to be driven carefully so they don’t overheat.