Home Office Work Space

Ever wonder what’s the perfect workout for you? After researching various health, wellness, and fitness trainers and experimenting with their suggestions and my self made methods, unfortunately I can’t say I found one yet. However I found something that may be close.

Compound exercises and free weights are the two recommended workout methods as they can hit multiple muscle groups in the upper and lower body in a time effective manner.

One of the top reasons so many want to quit the gym is because it can be difficult to get the motivation to leave home and drive over to a gym. When taking advantage of a home work out, you can easily walk down to the basement or jump on the treadmill in your bedroom. Many find it to be much easier to build up the motivation and drive needed to consistently exercise.

This is seriously just a great place to start! Everything you need to know is explained for you, which means you don’t even have to think, you just have to do what the program tells you to do! The downside??? Although minimal, getting a few pieces of equipment is necessary. Pull-up bar, yoga mat, a few free weights and or bands! Still probably the best place that you could start though! It has everything you need in one package.

Have you ever known someone who met a person they initially didn’t like, only to fall madly in love with them once they got to know them? Maybe you were that person and you laugh thinking about the time you said you’d NEVER give Bill/Tom/Bob the time of day. But you did, and now you’re beyond happily married to him and can’t imagine your life without him. It’s the same with exercise. It grows on you (as you grow smaller) and eventually gets you hooked. The only caveat is you have to give it time and consistency.

The ball is a great piece of equipment for your ab work out for several reasons. While using the ball, you have to work to keep your balance and maintain stability. When you’re doing this, your core stays engaged and you get a better ab Like and follow me.

Also, like HIIT, there is an afterburn effect from doing MDI. This means you will continue to burn calories during the post-workout “healing process”.

If you are doing this at home, consult a physiotherapist, health and fitness expert or watch the work out videos carefully. Be sure not to exert yourself. A healthy warm up exercise will pump up the blood and energy not wears you down.