How To Choose The Proper Car Lift

Your Magnaflow exhaust package comes with three pieces-a resonator, center pipe, and muffler section. The front resonator comes with a mounting flange that bolts right onto your stock catalytic converter. This part connects to a center pipe that is secured with exhaust clamps, which are supplied. And the rear muffler section joins together, exiting the car in the center of the rear bumper. Also, all the parts are stainless steel, which don’t rust or stain-nice job Magnaflow.

However the change in the sound is not the direct function of a cat-back exhaust. The change in the sound the car makes is more of a side effect. The function of a cat-back exhaust is to help exhaust gases from the engine exit faster. Why is that important? This is important because the sooner the gases leave the engine the sooner the air fuel mixture for the next engine cycle can enter the engine. If the exhaust gases are slow to leave they create what is called a back pressure. The fuel air mixture for the next engine cycle has to overcome this back pressure to enter the engine combustion cylinder. However if with the help of a cat-back exhaust the back pressure is reduced the air fuel mixture can rush in faster leading to an improved engine performance.

Keep windows cracked open. Carbon monoxide can build up in the cabin of your car without warning. You can’t see it and by the time you realize its effects it may be too late. A slightly opened window will help gathering poisons to leave your car’s interior. This is especially important to do if you are stuck in traffic.

Annual inspection. If you own the correct equipment [such as a lift or jacks] you can perform a visual inspection yourself. Things to look for: corrosion, loose mountings, leaking joints, damage to various parts including the recycle catalytic converters, muffler, pipes, and other exhaust components. Many garages and retail establishments offer free exhaust system inspections as well if you prefer to leave it up to a mechanic. Tip: Always check your exhaust system immediately after bottoming out from a pothole or running over road debris. Do not wait for your annual inspection; inspect it right away.

DEF products include Suzzaro Blue Basic, Suzzaro Pro, Urea Drum, Manual Urea Nozzle, Automatic Urea Nozzle, Urea Pumps, Urea hand pump, Urea Hose, Turbinox, Urea pulse meter, MC box urea, DEF AC Transfer pump and many others.

If you smell an odor emanating from your exhaust, it could indicate that there is a leak in the exhaust system. It could mean a hole in your car’s tailpipe, exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, or even the muffler. It could also mean that your hatchback or rear door already has a worn out seal. If this happens, you should take on the challenge immediately for you might get carbon monoxide inside your car which could get pretty deadly. What you should do is to bring your car to a mechanic right away.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid (or cynical) but the car industry can be more than a little intimidating if you’re not completely sure what’s going on under your bonnet. If you’re buying a second hand car here are just a few simple tips to help you out.

I am sure there will be copycats of CarMD in the near future, but they have set the bar. The only thing that would be better is if you could use it on older cars too. I do not know why you can’t, most 80’s cars have computers, and I had them plug in my ’86 Camaro at AutoZone.