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Vincom Center was completed in 2010 but it has quickly become one of the biggest shopping malls in HCMC. Vincom is right at the center of the city at 72 Le Thanh Ton street. The building is very big with many floors all covered with glass. It easily stands out from the rest of Saigon skyscrapers thanks to its marvelous exterior design which attracts attention from afar. The outside appearance somehow reflects what type of shopping venues Vincom is.

Stunned, I managed to echo back, “I’m a Kripalu Teacher.” For comic relief, I smiled, “Ah, there’s that Asian Patriarchy I miss,” to the gentleman whom had checked me in. I was hoping a witness of The Slap might say something in my defense, as I was discombobulated. Certainly, there must be one 21st Century Woman with enough presence of mind to The Guru out? Or, might the man from the front desk utter a word against this behavior? Crickets…

Sadly the need for orphanages in Vietnam has not changed. During our current tour vietnam we have been visiting ones that serve children with disabilities through out the country. While the rest of Vietnam is moving forward, people with disabilities have not yet begun to reap the benefits of economic growth. Sadly many children who live in orphanages actually have families but have been abandoned. Many families of children with disbilities just do not have the resources, education and support to keep them at home. Little or no social programming exists.

TheDalat Flower Park is located 2 Phu Dong ThienVuong St, Dalat, approximately 16 miles from city centre. The lush gardens are a free attraction providing miles of dirt road to hike or jog in a scenic place.

What am I doing? Riding a bicycle from Hanoi to Saigon (that’s about 1,200 miles), through Vietnam’s rugged mountains, idyllic rice paddies, and chaotic towns and cities, all under a tropical sun. Around 20 other people, mostly fellow expatriates and teachers, will be taking part. A van carrying our belongings will follow us the whole time, and we will stay in hotels or guesthouses along the way. The ride is called H2H, which stands for ‘Hanoi to tour vietnam City’ (which is Saigon’s boring official name). We cover all of our own expenses, so 100% of your donations will go towards the charities we are working with. I should note that each participant is required to raise a minimum of $750 each, though I want to raise far more than that.

Located in Hanoi’s city centre, the Lake of the Restored Sword is a tranquil escape from the bustle of the traffic. Sit back with a coffee and watch the locals exercise or jump in and join the Thai Chi fun. This lake is home to some colourful birds and a rare type of turtles that enjoy watching people and being entertained.

Work at making your meals flavorful. As you age your taste-buds aren’t as sensitive as they used to be, so if you are losing your appetite and still need the nutrition, make a special effort to spice and flavor your food so that you will feel motivated to eat it.

Phu Quoc island is located near Cambodia, an hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City. This island is so far undiscovered by tourists. The crystal clear water and white sand beaches which ring the island allow it to be a real paradise. The accommodations on the island array from budget Vietnam hotels to 4 star luxurious resorts. In search of a beach vacation in Vietnam, then Phu Quoc should be among the top list.