How To Make More Money Playing Poker Online: Part 2

A trip to the casino is a great way to spend an entire afternoon. However, it can be made less enjoyable if you lose all of your money. Here are a few tips for the casino bound to ensure that both fun and profits can be had.

The blinds have risen to around 25/50 or 50/100, and you either have roughly the same amount of chips or a large stack. If you have a big stack, protect it and choose your hands carefully. Wait for small players to be blinded out and pound away at the small stacked players and pressure them. Stay out of the way of players who have a bigger or similar chip stack unless you are very sure you can have them beat.

Each team gets one clue in turn and solves and maximum three chances for that clue. The team will get 100, 50 or 25 points if they solve it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd guess. If any team is not able to crack the clue then it is opened to other teams. If any other team solves it then they are awarded 30 points.

Learn to read people. Pay close attention to how the other players react to their cards, what they do, and what their cards are if they end up showing. This is the hardest and most effective skill you can learn in poker. Other than luck, which is completely out of your control, reading people will greatly improve your game.

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Over time this will give you a deeper understanding of your product and get to see where it sits in the marketplace, what to do next and you’ll get some good feedback on what to do from people in a similar field.

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