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A very astute person said that if you don’t know where you are going you are guaranteed to end up wherever you are. But where will that be exactly? In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice arrived at a fork in the road and asked the Cheshire cat which way she should go. The cat replied with a question, “Where do you want to end up?” Alice replied that she did not know, and the cat wisely added, “Then it does not matter which road you choose.” Of course, in life and in business it is not necessarily a physical destination that we seek. Rather we need a clear vision of our purpose, what we are proposing to achieve and the outcomes we want to produce.

Scott Fry, scott levy fuel and Founder of Radical Axis, talked about his company’s humble origins. “I started Radical Axis ten years ago, but it wasn’t Radical Axis then. It was me in my bedroom saying I was Radical Axis,” Fry said with a very straight face.

The wonderful thing about vacations is that we get that uninterrupted time to spend together, talking, laughing, and best of all, escaping the lure of the computer or the television. But we can recreate that environment in our homes by creating technology free evenings, where we all do something together that does not involve a screen. When families play video games or watch movies, no real conversations take place. But when we play board games, or work on a craft, or even work on our own hobbies in the same room, we can talk and enjoy each others’ company. So make sure at least once a week you have this downtime to spend with your families. If, at the end of the day, you can look back and realize that you did have quality time together, that emptiness that often causes grumpiness will disappear!

8) Multi-tasking: Yes, this is what we all need to master. There is so much of information, so much to learn and still much more to do. It will never end. It’s like a gripping arcade game. You cross one level, go to the next level a little more difficult than the previous one. It’s all about figuring out “how to”. This will be something you need to cope, if you have been a lazy learner.

Don’t make respondents spend an hour completing your survey if you have promised that it takes 5 minutes. There are people who can go till the very end without checking the time but there are those who may quit when the promised 5 minutes expire. Be honest about your survey length; tell respondents how many questions you want them to answer.

We are like someone in debt that continues to borrow money and keeps sinking even deeper. We can not keep this up indefinitely. Who do we have to thank for this? You guessed it our incompetent Government. Apparently the US Government has been tearing this country down for years without any plan for building it back up. They have only been catering to big business and big money. Doing favors for those contributing to their party fundraisers. Money first people second if at all.

Sell stuff – The thing about selling things is to first figure out what other people want to buy. For me to sell things on Craigslist I found that selling electronics, furniture and tools were the hottest items, but as far as selling on eBay I was only finding success selling phones, tools, toys, and video game consoles. It really all depends on where you are located and what you can get your hands on for the right price.

All 3 of these ways are all good to start out with. Once you can use one of these methods to make extra money on the side you will then be able to build your business where you can actually earn cash steadily. Just think, if you put in the time now you will be rewarded for years to come. That is the mentality I had when I first started and now I am living a life that most people only dream of.