Keeping The Fire Away Through Spray

Home burglaries are on the rise. No matter where you live you are at risk. Even suburban areas that in the past were typically not hit by burglary are seeing their fare share of break ins. More than ever before it is important for homeowners to protect their valuables. While you can take measures like locking your doors and windows, installing dead bolt locks and even a security system, seasoned thieves know ways around these protections. If you have any kind of valuables in your home you should seriously look into purchasing some type of security safe. Here is a look at some of the different types that are available.

Inside the box thinking includes things like not storing super flammables like perfume, gun powder, and ammunition inside your safe. It is possible that a fire could heat up the inside enough to ignite these items and that valuables that might have survived otherwise won’t. We stock a variety of lockers for these low value, flammable, keep away from children items. Another example of inside the box thinking is a fire box. Small enough to fit into most safes, (they come in several sizes), they can double the fire safety of most safes. It’s a perfect solution for important papers and small valuables.

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Check what type of equipment they have. They ought to have at least different cleaning brushes and rods for each type of chimney, including those with mechanical heads; vacuum cleaners; CCTV cameras for inspection; and smoke machines to test a chimney after cleaning. They may need more depending on the additional services they provide.

Standard portable lock box safety rated for fire. These are ideal for holding papers and cash. Since they’re portable, they can be grabbed during a fire and removed with the people, but if they’re left behind, they should stand up okay.

In planning for an escape route for your family, it is important to have two methods to escape in each part of the house. This is done in the likelihood that your other exit is blocked or bursting in flames. Remind the children to never to leave things that can obstruct passageway to an exit. Fire safety techniques also include teaching children how to cover their face and use a towel in grabbing items to prevent burning themselves.

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