Make Cash Online – Methods For Lazy People – Method 1

In the old days, as recent as 1995, if you desired to begin a company you had to invest thousands of dollars to begin. You spent for land, utilities, products, an office and all sorts of other start-up expenses.

This may sound a weird one but the real area of your files/ pages relative to the root of the website might have an effect on your rankings – pages closer to the root tend to improve rankings. Therefore however all your pages with main keywords as near to the root of the website as possible – do not bury them many layers down.

You will need to purchase a domain to position your WordPress setup on. There are a number of to pick from. Try to select a domain name near your specific niche.

I Tweet Do You Follow? Use this plug in to connect your blog and the power of Twitter. Twitter for WordPress shows yours most current tweets in your WordPress hemsidan.

Now you will want to open a 2nd tab. In it you are going to open your WordPress website, or other website where you can include HTML codes. With WordPress you are going to scroll down to appearance. Click it. Click widgets.

Growing in appeal is this plugin/ website. Disqus deals with Aksimet and blocks more spam. It adds the ability to subscribe and like comments. Readers can visit see not just have a look at the commentators, see what blogs they have and which other blogs they check out and remark. It also allows you and visitors to like comments, similar to Facebook.

Self hosting ability is one more advantage of using WordPress for your website. When you are using the self hosted variation your tasks in the web site or the blog will be more flexible and simple.