Mothers’ Day: You Can’t Beat A Good Roast Dinner

Clicker training is excellent because it quickly lets your dog know that he is learning correctly. It differs from lure and reward training in that the dog concentrates on learning the behaviour, rather than just following a treat. The clicker is a small hand- or foot- operated device that makes a single clicking noise.

Once you’ve got to grips with the foods that you can and cannot eat on a low carb diet, you will see that most main meals can be adapted in some way to be made low carb. If you are going to stick to any diet it is important that you enjoy the food you eat and have plenty of variety to stop becoming bored. Here I have made some dinner suggestions to do just that.

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Once you get the idea, clicker training is very straightforward. One of the ways you might begin is by ‘luring’ a new behaviour a few times so that the dog begins to get the idea and then waiting until he offers the behaviour before clicking. For example, if you are teaching your dog to sit, use food in your hand to lure the position, click as he sits and then reward. He will quickly learn to sit without the food lure.

I am also very fortunate because my youngest Son (aged 8) loves to do things with his Dad (me!) and what could be a more rewarding experience than nurturing seeds and plants, watching them grow, feeding them, weeding them, picking the beans and peas, pulling the carrots and the cabbages, cutting the cucumbers, courgettes and sweetcorn … and then eating them together with the!

Make the perfect sandwich by ensuring that your filling covers the entire area of the read evenly. Simple, right? But do you do it with the mayo? For the perfect flavor-full sandwich, spread the mayo evenly over the bread (on top of or instead of the butter) before you add your filling.

In England they tend to say “Happy Christmas” more than “Merry Christmas” like we do, but I’ve heard people say both and seen both on cards and other things. Season’s Greetings is equal across both cultures. Also across both cultures is that Christmas is a time for family and friends and being together, whether you want to or not and loving the build up to it and experiencing the relief when its finally over for another year.