Myspace Music Promotion – Great Ways To Get More Music Plays On Myspace

If you want to become successful in the music industry, there many things you need to know and do. But even if you get all that right, you can prevent yourself from reaching big success by making critical mistakes along the way (and there are many potential mistakes one could make, when not being careful). After coaching and mentoring many musicians and bands seeking a career in music, the same patterns of false assumptions, problems and mistakes appear over and over again. Here are the top 10.

NY Rock Music Examiner: With the use of the internet and social networks, and You Tube and the demise of many major labels , has music promotion been easier or harder to get noticed?

What percent of bands want to spend any money on advertising? 0. That’s right! So, what do you do? Well, have you ever heard of the old saying it takes money to make money? To some extent this is true. So getting the basics taken care of like putting a simple website online, or getting someone to help with your facebook a few hours a month, might not be a bad idea.

Miley (much like Britney) has a great team of professionals behind her who came up with the genius idea of taking the fame she received from her Hannah Montana series and combining it with her real-life dream of being a singer. The success of Miley’s Best of Both Worlds Tour is a great indication of what happens when you market a young girl to the right crowd. A little bit of the real Miley Cyrus, combined with her character Hannah Montana gave fans the opportunity to get to know the real Miley Cyrus – who is now twice as famous as before.

You should have a blog as well and always keep it constantly current and updated. Include an article somewhere that gets into the more personal side of your music, and highlight the story behind how everything began. It will help to establish a connection with your fans and take things to a more personal level.

Who has not heard of YouTube or Google video? These amazing amalgams of everything under the sun stand as monolithic compendiums. There must be more than 100 million videos on these sites containing an inexhaustible variety of material covering every topic under the sun. This makes them the world’s largest central repository for video. Like a dictionary containing every word it has the drawback it cannot be read even if using an index to find something. If you are not the most popular or the featured few darlings your message never sees the light of day, except by you. Google’s top 100 videos are populated with soft porn girlies and that is hard to compete with.

Don’t let online promotion tactics scare you off. It’s as simple as getting the word out. And if you believe in your music, then there should be nothing else you would rather do.