New York Holidays – A Trip To New York City Has Something For Everyone

If you are contemplating a trip to Seattle to take in the Cities sites, attractions and nightlife then you should think about purchasing a City Pass. City Passes are a great way to really visit a City at more then half the price everyone else will pay. With a City Pass you will get to see the most popular attractions, rides, and fun spots throughout the city at a fraction of the cost. You will also get to ride the public transportation system for free! So now you can save big while enjoying the city and living large.

There are parking lots at most of the starting points for the Greenways. Raleigh has also located recreation centers with bathrooms near most trails. Or it may have happened in reverse. Most trails are open to walkers, roller skaters and bikers, though there are bridges that may be hard to cross for the bikers.

When you get home, you will hear your kids talking about their museum trip. They may be excited about the planetarium show, a movie in the museum theater, watching the huge pendulum in the lobby of the museum, the animatronic raptor for sale, the great blue whale, the insects, birds, animals, the “you name it.” They will want to go again.

For the theater crowd Raleigh has a plethera of stages. The BTI Center for the Performing Art and Memorial Auditorium brings national level theater to the city. Broadway South shows are offered on a calendar basis. In addition the city has a number of smaller theaters such as the Little Theater.

The Human Body Gallery is located on Level 4 of the Science Museum of Minnesota. There is lots of gross stuff for kids to play with as many of the exhibits are hands-on. We were able to test our heart rate and see it on a monitor. There was a Cell Lab complete with white lab coats where children ages 8 and up could experiment with cells, including seeing a cellular sample from inside their own cheek.

Edwards Mill Dam off Edwards Mill Road. Nice picture opportunity by an old mill dam. The mill is long gone. In season the houses opposite the dam have some of the most beautiful flowers on display in the city.

So come on down to the Science Center and check out these displays and all of the other neat stuff that they have to offer. You’ll feel all the enthusiasm of when you were in science class in school.