Play Trivia, Go Hunting, Add Food To Local Foodbank Supplies

Teens — do you need more community service hours? Manna is one place where your volunteer hours will truly make an impact! Manna Food Center, a not-for-profit organization, that strives to eliminate hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution, education, and advocacy. They feed approximately 2000 people each month.

SPF 50+ It will protect the skin on your body, face, and lips by blocking out the sun and keeping it moisturized minimizing the risk of skin problems. Prevents skin problems promotes playing harder.

Try to draw as much water as you can and use every container possible. Separate them by drinking water and usable water. It is a well-known fact that if you leave your containers open until they reach room temperature and then close them, they will help maintain heat longer. If you have a fireplace, stack on fire logs, as well as other materials that burn, like newspapers, etc.

The face of hunger in Tennessee looks like your neighbor, your child’s best friend, the woman who gives you your coffee at Starbucks in the morning and the man selling newspapers by your office every day. It could be the coworker you sat next to who was laid off last month or the new mother at the doctor’s office you saw last week. Hunger impacts one in six Tennesseans, and with those numbers, it is likely you’ve seen someone today who will be going hungry tonight.

Decide what your priorities are. They can include: having a 3 day supply of safe water to drink per person, have a well stocked pantry, have up to a one year supply of food storage and have a long term emergency only food storage. Focus on your priorities.

There are several supplies that can make your life easier in an earthquake or any disaster. These include a flashlight, first aid kit, good shoes, clean water, and Survival gear supplies. If you go camping, separate out some of your camping supplies and keep them close at hand. You might want to grab them in case you need to evacuate your home, and they can be combined with other emergency supplies.

“One-Day” treks are not only fun, but they teach your kids that you don’t have to go to Disney World to have a good time—or even on a camping trip. There are lots of things to enjoy and explore right in your own vicinity so take advantage of it. You might even give each member of the family a “One-Day” trek day of his or her own in which all the planning of where to go, what to take, etc. is left up to that person.

I have examined my life much closer with this view of poverty. I can easily see where I have taken so many things for granted. So many things, material wants for lack of better terminology, seem to matter much less now. I have learned to rethink the items I feel are daily necessities. I have warm shelter. I have good, healthy food. I am surrounded by a family who loves me. And I have been blessed to develop many friendships with those I have been able to assist in whatever means I can. My heart bleeds for those whose lives have been so seriously impacted by economics and disaster. I have witnessed the Spirit of Christ in the actions of those we deem to be poor. Maybe they’re not as poor as we think them to be.