Samsung Pn58b550 Plasma Tv – Is Samsung Becoming The Top Dog In Plasma Too?

The technology behind DLP TVs has actually been around for a few yaers now, but only recently has it started to really come into it’s own. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and suffice it to say that the way it produces a screen image is a perfect match for the HDTV standard that will soon become the accepted method of television broadcasting.

The most important thing to do is measure out the space you want – not just the size of your television. Your TV stand can serve multiple purposes and will need to fit well into the place you have selected for it. Additionally, your television stand should fit against your wall comfortably. If you are unsure, use boxes to sit where you will put the stand to see if it will be comfortable at the sizes you have selected.

The location of the stand.Where your cantilever tv stands with btracket is going plays a big part in what kind you buy. Decide whether you want it against a wall, in the corner or up on the wall before you begin shopping.

So I decided it was time to take action and get this families entertainment value back on track again before the kids disappear to their rooms forever.So we went on a shopping trip and brought a brand new 52″ plasma TV. Before we purchased the television we all sat together and decided where the best place would be for our new plasma monitor tv stands.

Thus, just as DVI replaced VGA, HDMI came along to replace DVI. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and contains 19 wires all wrapped in a single cable. But none of that is important. What is important to you is that HDMI transfers both video and audio and is extremely fast. It is the connection used for all new technologies coming out. And beware, if you ask a vendor, “What is the Best HDMI Cable?”, he will try to sell you something expensive in the neighborhood of $100. Don’t do it–HDMI cables can be had for $15 or below.

This is very important because the stand must be big enough, but not so big that it dwarfs your TV and looks too big. Stands are usually quoted as being suitable for TVs up to a certain size. This means you shouldn’t put a TV on it that’s larger than what is recommended, but you can get away with TVs that are slightly smaller.

While the most popular stand colour these days is black, you’ll also find them in silver, white and even red. Some more contemporary designs are also available in a high gloss finish. So look out for colours that will fit in and compliment your room design.