Sanitizing Your Well And Piping System Using Some Bleach And Time Management Skills!

When choosing products for your home, you always want to try to make a smart investment. The right products can not only add more appeal to your home, but they also have the potential to increase its value. Furthermore, they can be better for the environment, which is why homeowners should always consider purchasing EAGO eco-friendly toilets for their home.

Stock up on ice: If you do not have a generator, you will need to use ice to keep your food cold. In a fortunate circumstance, we happened to cater a party at our home a few weeks before the windstorm. We had approximately 6 bags of ice still in the freezers. A full freezer operates more efficiently than a half-full freezer. A full freezer will also hold the cold longer, as long as it is kept closed. If you do not normally have enough food to fill your freezer, fill bags with homemade ice cubes or ice blocks to fill in the gaps.

The original water system consisted of a well pump and a 60 gallon “bladder” pressure tank to maintain the house water pressure. The house water pressure was never great, and with this system, the well pump had to come on when the bladder tank dropped to around 35 PSI. Well pumps are wonderful for bringing water up from the ground, but that’s about it. This system called on the best well pump system to not only pump water up 350′ from the ground, but also to pressurize the bladder tank as well. That put an enormous strain on the pump and took a lot of electricity to do so. This system needed help, badly.

Finally, you can also look for local contractors through your chamber of commerce or the BBB. These local organizations keep a detailed list of affiliated companies to search from.

Do you have low-volume toilets? If not, don’t rush out to replace them! First, as always, make sure that the level control is not allowing the unit to leak through (you will hear dripping in the water closet if it is), if it is, FIX IT RIGHT NOW! And if they are not low-volume units you can simply displace some of the water in the tank by using bricks. Now this one you will have to play with to get the level right well pump for house a complete flush but in the end you will save water (MONEY!).

These are the “Good ol’ days”. I learned to endure our hardships, because that is where memories are made and thankfulness is generated. Our first winter, we read the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series, “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Heidi” together as a family. Every evening we would snuggle under blankets, sip hot cocoa and I would read by lamplight. Those are the memories of a lifetime. With every improvement in our circumstances we had an opportunity to be truly grateful for things that most people take for granted. A toilet that flushed, a light switch that worked or a hot bath were true causes for celebration.

We were becoming educated on living the off-grid life. We decided to put our money into solar panels instead of generators and bought 12 solar panels for a total of 2150 watts of solar. The rewards were great! This year we didn’t start our generator from May through October, relying only on solar power! We now have a 5KW Onan generator (it is old, and built like a tank, and we love it) and a Honda back-up generator. The generators, along with our solar panels, inverters and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers have revolutionized our off-grid existence.

Once you have identified your reason to lose weight and worked out a plan, don’t hesitate. Get into it. Review your plan at regular intervals and be tough but fair on yourself.