Switch To A Pay Per Head Service To Make Your Bookie Operation More Profitable

How many cable guys does it take to provide me with Internet service? It sounds like the beginning of a “lightbulb” joke, but this question is pretty real for me. Turns out to be somewhere north of a dozen. I moved into my new office two weeks ago, but it took until yesterday to get the Internet turned on there. Turns out a combination of factors, aided by some bizarre complications from Charter, my cable supplier, caused the delay.

This is not talked about very much and is such an important part of managing in the contact center world where your reps are with you all the time. Trust me they see everything their supervisor does good and bad. They can’t fake these relationships.

The first thing you need to think about is how the customer is feeling. You are the first person that an angry customer talks to when calling in to deal with a problem or a concern. You are the first person that they are confronting and until they have had time to express their concerns they are going be angry. It is important that you stay calm and that you try to understand their point of view and try to see where the person is coming from. Just remember that they are not angry at you personally and try not to take it that way.

This is important. Take time off for it or you’ll spend five times over trying to rectify the error. You may not know what words your potential customers are using in search engines to try and find a business like yours. That’s why you’ve hired a SEO company in the first place. But instead of appearing stupid.

The BP oil leak is the latest example of call center tijuana disaster management. Concerned students and common people are busy calling the phone numbers that are directed to an inbound call center. The agents taking the calls are doing what they can to allay the fears as more oil leaks out to create havoc in the sea. Their job at present is to disseminate as much information as they possibly. The call answering service agents are recording the feedback that they are getting too. This is being passed on to the disaster management squad for BP. The way things are, the firm knows that it will need the help of everyone who can come up with something.

Chantal, the receptionist took my headset and building pass. She had to call a supervisor to walk with me to the locker and watch me empty it out. You would think I was a common criminal? My only crime was that I had been fired.

Call center services help you in other ways also. There is nothing more professional than having someone answer the phone for you. A machine just doesn’t make the person feel like you care about them. You may even care a lot for your patients but having an outdated answering machine or voicemail can mean the beginning of the end. Some patients will skip past you to get to another doctor or medical office. Don’t be cut off. Find out what it is like to be in that neighborhood. Sign up for services that are right for your company.