Teen Survey Companies – Are There Still Good Opportunities Out There?

When you run a business it’s sometimes hard to get feedback from your customers. Sure, they can speak to a manager or right you emails or letters, but that puts the burden of contact on them. Successful businesses know that putting things like online survey tools to use help them AND their customers out.

# 2. Set up a separate email address: – You need to set up a separate email account for survey s, because you are going to receive hundreds of free gift cards invitations monthly. So why not set up a separate email account.

14. Phrase question statements in the positive; use superlatives. Examples: Do you agree our “order” acknowledgment shipping date meets our “actual” shipping date performance. OR Do you agree our acknowledged shipping date performance meets your requested ship online survey date requirement.

My third red flag is a site that makes outrageous claims. I talk about this in another one of my articles. There’s a huge difference between a survey site that claims, “Make $1000/Day!” vs a site that states, “You Can Make $25 for surveys, or $50 for focus groups, etc”. Of course, it may be possible to earn up to $1000 day if you were to work all day long every day. But the likelihood of someone having that kind of time, especially if they have a full-time day job is slim to none. Not to mention the fact that the number of surveys and focus groups is limited. While there are many corporations out there utilizing survey services, they have certain qualifications they are looking for in each survey taker, so you won’t be offered every survey available.

Tip number two: Are they international? – This is especially important to international customers (outside the US). Does the site offer sufficient activity for people who are not Americans? If it doesn’t, that you should look for another one (if you are from outside the US).

Problem 3: Failure to follow through and do their part — Many people dawdle about in sending out their applications to take surveys. “Oh, it’s too much work!”, “It’s boring”, etc. So the survey makers don’t know that they are there, consequently they cannot send out surveys. And the prospective survey taker gives up because, “There’s no money in it!”!!

Taking an online survey for money in this day and age is very easy, but like I said before, you will need to know where to find them. Bypass the shady looking paid survey sites and keep your attention on the big guys, like Greenfield and Global. If you want to get paid by Paypal, or by check every month, you will want to avoid the scams. Doing an online survey for money will help put that extra cash right into your pocket every month.