The Chilly Season – Strategies For Decorating Your Home

What I found has helped me most with any of these “struggles” is my family and friends. I’d say keep them close, talk to them about how you are feeling and this may sound strange but practice patience with them. In my experience and with many others I have spoken to, loved ones tend to want to do everything for you, or they fear constantly for your safety. Do not lose who you are, your independence and strength because you are afraid or your family is afraid. My advice is it’s better to learn to get to the grocery store alone, than to never feel like you have the strength to depend on yourself. There are so many organizations, support groups and other people in a similar situations who can help you retain this very important element.

Art: Lester Potts, a rural Alabama saw miller, was all about work. As Alzheimer’s stole his cognitive ability, he began attending a dementia daycare center where a retired artist volunteered his time. The results were astounding. Art offered him a method of communication when his verbal abilities had failed.

Once you are done, thoroughly clean the floor again. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the sanding residue and then a damp sponge to wipe down the floor.

Step One- Add rich, warm color! Whatever your main wall color is in your room, paint your focal wall a deep shade of that color. No major color scheme change here, everything you already have in that room will still work because you are just amping up the present color scheme. For instance, if your walls are a pale peach, paint your focal wall a rich terra cotta. Light sage? custom paint by numbers that focal wall a deep warm green. Just have white walls? Here is your chance to develop a color scheme and bring a lot of warmth into your room. Pick any one color you love, plus white, and you have a color scheme! Still love your white walls? Then paint the focal wall a rich cream, or even a chocolate brown. Remember, its just paint, and you can always paint it back in an afternoon with a cheap can of paint!

There are lots of things clearing out of Herrschners all the time. If you get the magazine you might only paint by number kits find out about a few sales but on the site you’ll see everything that’s on sale. It even shows how many items are left! So you know if you can wait a week, or buy it now!

Your smoking, depending on how heavily you did it, may have kept you from enjoying a lot in life. Maybe you put off going to a friend’s house because she, an adamant non-smoker, asked that you refrain from smoking in her house or yard. Perhaps you’ve passed on book club or movie-night invitations because they would’ve required you to do without cigarettes for too many hours at a stretch. Maybe wine-tastings or supper clubs were lost on you because your taste buds couldn’t tell Dover sole from a shoe sole. Now is the perfect time to get involved in all those things you’d been missing.

If you’re a little handier with electrical wiring, you can add porcelain fixtures that are under $3 each, but the additional wiring may not be cost effective.