The Doyan Of Indian English Writing – Lt Col Manohar Malgonkar

If you yearn for a life, which is tough in nature, which makes you tough, physically and mentally and gives you a chance to serve your motherland, you can think of army jobs as an option. If you are a citizen of India and are physically and mentally fit, army jobs can be a very good option for you. The best thing about being in the Army is the fact that you can dedicate your life for your motherland. If you are patriotic and wish to protect your country from any internal as well as external threats then army jobs are for you. There is no denying that fact that India is not in a safe neighborhood. Army jobs can allow you to tour India and live at various places. You may be posted in Leh, Gangtok, Tawang etc. Your job is to protect the integrity of the Indian Union.

If you don’t have a tag, you can always use one of those paper tags that they have at airline counters. Put one of those on anyway… it will add to the “uniqueness” of your bag.

It is a lovely resort located in Uttorda. It is located 20minutes from airport of Dabolim. In this resort, you will find rooms facing towards the sea. There are many Portuguese showpieces in this resort. There is fishing village replica built inside the resort reflecting the Goan tradition. You will feel a sense of satisfaction and pleasure when you have rest on this resort alongwih friends or family.

A very big Gorilla war is planned against Pakistan. Gorilla war is that war in which enemy targeted his goals silently. Israel, Russia and America are the indirect partners of India in this war against Pakistan. And they are trying to control over the atomic power system of Pakistan. Because Pakistan is the first Islamic country that have the Atomic Power system and other European countries are afeard that Pakistan would give this system to other Islamic countries. Then Islamic countries would become strong and powerful. Pakistan should think about this issue seriously and should give positive response to these countries.

The OT-64 also dates from the 1960s. The 14.7 ton 8×8 can reach almost 60 mph, has a range of 440 miles and amphibious. Armor ranges between 6 mm and 13 mm, and the vehicle is armed with both a 14.5 mm and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The OT-64 needs two crew and can carry 10 passengers. The vehicle was exported widely, and is still in service with armies in the Middle East, Africa and South America.

The character of America is very hypocritical. He has gained the favor of both Pakistan and India. Pakistan should take notice to the statement of Join Indian Army result Officer that they can capture Pakistan and China in 96 hours. And arouse this issue in International level that what are the aims of India. I thinks Pakistan’s Army trainings 2010 (Azma-e-Nau Soam) is the positive response from Pakistan.

In Day 3 the tourists can explore different facts of Chandigarh which is quite near Delhi. Rose garden is the signature icon of Chandigarh. Rose Garden of Chandigarh is world famous and people from different parts of the world come here.

In the book Col Savage commands a Gurkha battalion and he endearingly creates a nostalgic feeling for the Raj. The prose is simple and the style racy. It is an immensely readable book and certainly in its own way can be regarded as a minor classic. I for one will recommend it to get a feel of the Raj during the turbulent years approaching independence. Hats off to John Masters.