The Lean Manufacturing Process And China

So you have already implemented lean manufacturing in your factory. You have made your plan carefully, prepared a system and installed just like the way you learn about lean manufacturing. However, there is something wrong that just made your implementation would not work the way you want it. There is a missing piece that would solve the puzzle, but you just doesn’t know what it is.

It tookus about a week to actually finish the process. By the end of two days we had made a lot of progress, but it was essential that we complete the project entirely. I’m certain that things would have returned to “normal’ if we had not followed all five steps. It is very difficult to change a shop culture, but it can be done.

Your company needs your direct attention if you are going to survive. Getting back to the basics, rolling your sleeves up and letting your loyal employees know you are in the mix with them.

If an industry is in transformation making process changes isn’t going to do much. It’s like Nero fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground. If we want to make huge transformations in our business we’ll have to focus on what we are ‘being’, in order to achieve the results we are focused on. In order to counter the threat of Apple IBM had to transform it’s business model. It had to be in the PC market. While it was in the Computer market generally it wasn’t at that point in the PC market. It had to cahnge the way it operated to counter Apple’s strategy and success. Or go away like many older businesses that could not transform themselves. No small changes there! IBM did and it survived to compete, and it’s still in the game growing stronger every day. COuld your organization do the same?

So what does it have to do with audio recording? Well, it turns out that the concepts of lean soluciones y materiales are applicable to just about any kind of work, especially the kind that involves repeating processes. That could be making dinner at home, doing laundry, driving to work, or recording and producing audio. Actually, the concepts are applicable to just about anything. It’s all about minimizing waste.

Typically companies obtain great results for the first few months. Once the consultant has left and the 5S Champion resigns or is transferred, the program looses steam and begins to fall apart. Soon, the production floor is a mess. Tool boards are missing tools, floors are messy, and all sorts of equipment and supplies hidden behind machines. Much of what was done up to that point is gone. It becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone excited about 5S once again. This cycle has a habit of repeating it self. Consultant comes, 5S program is initiated, the consultant leaves, 5S dies.

Your livelihood depends on your return to common sense and good judgment. Success is a tedious journey in these economic rapids. Reality and True Desire are the oars that will steady the boat. Evaluate your business.