The Role Of The Bathroom

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Bathrooms need to be cleaned often. Unlike other rooms in your home, they cannot be just picked up and still be considered clean. An agenda I created will help make bathroom cleanup quicker and easier. You will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom without spending hours scrubbing and disinfecting. These tips can help to teach your children the necessities of a clean bathroom without cleaning all day.

This is not just the most functional fixture in your bathroom, it’s also the piece used most often. Choose a model that will fit in well with the overall theme of the room. For space saving you could choose a corner toilet or for a dramatic modern feeling, wall hung models are popular.

Look up and notice how much space can be used for storage and display items. Install a shelf approximately 2 feet down from the ceiling around the circumference of the room. Display your nick knacks and photo’s. Get small boxes to keep the little things off the floor and keep those lower horizontal spaces needed for immediate access items.

Whether you install a shower and tub combination or simply go with a shower enclosure, this is a functional fixture that will make or break the entire room. Look for glass doors to help the bathroom feel more open and bright. Specialty shower packs can transform a tight corner of the room into a neat shower, while more expansive new bathrooms can include a walk in shower or even a steam room.

And that’s how to clean bathrooms! The real challenge is to keep bathrooms clean. The surest – and most difficult – strategy is to institute daily cleaning procedures to prevent the kind of buildup that grosses many people out in the first place. Keep sponges and rags handy for wipe downs after use. Clue everybody in and post a to-do list nearby as needed. Have a spray bottle of surface spray (commercial or your own bleach-based solution) to treat shower and tub enclosure walls after daily use. Do this, and the amount of work required on cleaning day will be significantly reduced. No fuss, no muss!