The Ten Most Important Feng Shui Design Tips

Of all the rooms in your lovely, cosy home, the kitchen is probably the one area where makeovers can be harsh on the middle-class budget. However, it doesn’t matter if you have only a few dollars to spend. There are design options that are quite budget-friendly yet produce the same results. Once you’re done with this kitchen makeover, you’re going to wish you actually knew how to cook!

Now this may be true that deep inside we are all artists and talented, but the truth is that these talents may be undeveloped. It takes some knowledge of design principles and practice to be good at design.

This becomes even more common because secretly everyone thinks that they can design. We are all fashion design or Design and Inspiration wannabes – our houses are the best, our clothing is the best, our business cards are beautiful too. If Brad Pitt can design wedding rings or be an architect, surely we can design a tattoo.

Choosing the right clock for your walls may not be as easy as you think as one needs to be bit creative while selecting it. Choose your wall clocks as per the interior of the room. Generally, wall clocks are meant for living room. It has to be big in size as it is one of the central attractive pieces of home decor for the room most visited by all. But they can also be placed in kitchen, study room and bedrooms. For rooms like kitchen and bedroom, the clock design can be more fun than the sophisticated one for living. The bottom line is, if the box hanging on your wall does not appeal you, its time for a change.

Your home will get the beauty that it deserves after a hardworking effort that you have made in its accomplishment. Making sure that you get it all done in the best way is one thing to bear in mind.

Vinegar. Vinegar is a natural brightener that can transform your tub in a major way. Not only can it enhance its whiteness, it can also remove rough water stains that have developed over time. Just keep a spray bottle nearby that is filled with half vinegar and half water. For a better chance at a brighter tub, allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes before washing off.

As an Interior Designer, I see a lot of clutter. You all have a lot of stuff. You need to clear your home. Open up your space. When you make more space, good things will come into your life.

It is also recommended to have some sort of nice metal sound. You can post a chinning clock, the sound of piano, even recorded piano music. According to the feng shui, these arrangements can help to keep Qi clean and clear.