Tips For Closet Organization After Moving To Rochester

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Steamers help to freshen up your clothes after they have been hanging for a while. They can bring back that just washed smell and feeling while removing stubborn wrinkles. Forget ironing, with that space robbing ironing board and the back breaking repetitive movement of ironing. Steaming your clothes is safe for almost every fabric and gives your clothes a naturally wrinkle free look, as opposed to a stiff pressed look. Steamers come in small, hand-held sizes that are easy to store on a closet shelf.

Stuff like underwear or socks tend to get lost in the closet since they are small items. You can divide them up using small canvas boxes. Thus you know exactly where to look when you need them.

Consider possible closet organizing tools. There are many types of closet organizers and closet systems, shoe racks and see-through boxes to suit your space. Use the back of the door when possible for tie/belt/scarf hangers. Wire drawer units are perfect for folded sweaters and workout outfits. Recommendation: Cache~Cachet’s pretty embroidered irish dance bags are great for storing clothing while protecting against moth damage.

Whether you choose to keep your dress in a box or on a hanger you should make yearly inspections of the dress to ensure that there are no discolorations or damage to the gown. A good way to remember this check up is to do it every year on your anniversary.

Following these simple ideas will help you in keeping your wedding dress as beautiful as it was when you saw it in the showroom and fell in love with it.