Tips For Saving Money By Avoiding Restaurants

Just like everything else in the culinary world, Mexican restaurants have new offerings. They are branching out. They are offering new flavors, creations and tastes. It goes with the territory of being in a steep competition. There restaurants need to offer something new in order to make their mark. Unlike before where they offer dozens of bean dishes, these restaurants have something more to offer these days. Aside from the standard tamales, burritos and enchiladas, you will also find other innovative and even unusual dishes.

If you are trying to keep it cheap in the East Village, there are still great options. You can have anything from Vietnamese sandwiches (Nicky’s Vietnamese is my favorite) to Venezuelan (Caracas Arepa Bar) to Maine-style Lobster Rolls (Luke’s Lobster Bar).

While I’m biased here (being 1/2 Czech), walking around this place at Christmas while the snow falls and the hordes of American tourists are few has to be one of the better travel experiences. Take a break from the cold with the world best restaurants beer and relax. The food is rubbish, but the place is unforgettable.

Tuscany is the most famous wine growing area in Italy and is celebrated around the world for producing some of the finest reds and whites. This is the home of the famous Chinanti wine. There are plenty of organised tours of the area and most people base themselves in the beautiful city of Florence.

New York – Regardless of the type of food you want, it can be had, pretty much at any hour, in New York. Some of the best restaurants in New York include Le Bernardin, Daniel, Per Se and Masa. The city is home to five three star Michelin Top restaurants in the city, the most of any American city.

BeachHouse: American and seafood dishes. BeachHouse is so busy it consistently stalls traffic at the intersection of Cortez Rd. and Gulf Dr. This restaurant also hosts a lot of weddings and events. Most nights it has live music and sunset specials.

Tao: those who are really fond of sea food then this restaurant are the best place. The beverages that are served here are the best and collected from all over the world. And desert that is served here is worth getting, in fact it can be the best treat for your friends.