Viral Video Of Paranormal Activity 2

A closer look at nature tells us nothing happens by accident. There’s reason why the house fly has hundreds of eyes; there’s rhyme to millions of butterflies migrating south every year. One can never mistake Mother Nature’s chaos for randomness — everything happens for a purpose.

Going from Head writer to cast member Tina fey has been a powerhouse of SNL stardom and success. Her Sarah Palin impression became so wildly popular that she caught the attention of Sarah Palin herself who came on the show to call her out. Tina is also the creator and star of the Emmy award winning show 30 Rock based on her experiences of being head writer for SNL.

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The berita terkini superstar appeared on “Today” this morning, challenging the “Glee” star with his own version of “Teenage Dream.” As of Monday afternoon, his video has almost 5 million views on YouTube.

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