Water Pipes: Tips On Using And Cleaning

Glass bubblers are a form of water pips with a stem built into the inside of the pipe. The built in glass stem is attached to the bowl at the bottom. Glass Bubblers are quite compact and can be smokes using just one hand. The effect is quite similar to that of the functio glass pipe except that glass bubblers incorporate the use of water. In fact many smokers find themselves more comfortable with a bubbler because the hits are smoother and less harmful to the lungs. Though larger than glass pipes, they are smaller than most water pipes. The actual demand for this form of an in-between pipe is what led to the creation of the glass bubbler. When used the bubbler sounds not unlike a hookah.

When it is time to clean your water pipe, pour out the water and dissemble the pipe as much as possible. Using alcohol or dishwashing liquid, with uncooked rice, salt or birdseed inside the vessel, shake forcefully. Let it stand for 10 minutes then shake again. Rinse the pipe. If there are still residues, repeat the whole process. Make sure to use hot water when you are rinsing. Use regular dish soap to wash your pipe. It is easiest to reassemble custom glass pipes water pipes when it is still wet.

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When purchasing your pipe make sure it is made from thick glass. Glass blown pipes that are made from cheap glass will break easily. Find a case for your glass piece. You will want to take good care of it to make it last. Maybe you will pass your piece on to your kids when you are older. It is not uncommon to see find a heady glass specialist that are 20 years or older. If taken care of properly you will have no problem taken care of your glass blown pipes.

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Glass blowers are creating amazing artistic glass blown pipes that are being sold at a rapid rate. Glass blowers are setting up their own sites and blogs to sell their pipes. Blowers go to completion to put their glass pieces on display. Tobacco smokers love seeing the different ways glass blowers design their pipes. Glass blown pipes are a unique type of art. Glass allow blowers limitless ways to design a pipe.

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