Ways To Get The Best Price For A Keynote Motivational Speaker

How would you prefer to be paid for your work? Would you prefer cash or happiness? Remember, you can’t have both so you will have to make a choice here. And don’t delude yourself into thinking that when you get paid money for working, that happiness is a by-product. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have lack of money, love and success in your life, remove the mental blocks. Welcome abundance into your life. Look for it and be thankful for it.

Before diving further into this subject I do want to warn you that trying to bring a celebrity to your event is challenging. And, unless the Celebrity you want to contact is a die hard for your cause, odds are they will not attend your event free of charge. Keep in mind they will also require you to cover the cost of travel, meals and hotel to bring them into your city, non to mention their personal appearance fee. Can it be done? Yes, it can, but I want you to be aware of the elements involved.

The host of this little endeavor was Portsmouth’s own H.E.R. Shelter – a domestic violence shelter. The goal of the day was to unveil a tremendously needed men’s mentoring program, where men would be challenged to invest in the lives of young boys and teach them how to grow up to be “real men”, learning to treat women with respect. The professional speaker was ODU’s own Head Football Coach, Mr. Bobby Wilder.

I corporate keynote speaker still fit the last one. So many different areas that interest me, I have jumped from one thing to another to another. Like many of the books on the bookshelf at home, I don’t think I have ever finished one of them all the way through.

Happiness is not a result of anything you do. It is simply a choice. So never try to find happiness in your work. You won’t find it there. It’s not an end-result. You may find satisfaction. You may find joy. You may find comfort. You may find a peace of mind but that’s not happiness.

Launching sometime in the near future will be WordPress.tv which will be a video site with screencasts that will show WordCamp videos including key speakers. This service will be searchable, include tags, and will also include HD video content.