What Should You Feed Your Dog As An Owner?

Many people enjoy taking their dogs on vacation with them. Sometimes, taking the family dog along just can’t be helped, like in the case of a long distance move. While it is true that dogs are resilient, they need a few things for long car rides and trips, just like people do.

Carbohydrates/starchy foods turn into glucose in the body. Since the dog’s ability to properly metabolize sugar, it is important to limit the carbohydrate intake in your diabetic dog food. Commercial foods composed of wheat and corn will need a larger amount of some high quality protein in their diet. That will allow the body to properly absorb additional nutrients rather than turn them into sugar. Often an owner does not realize how serious the problem is until the dog has reached a critical point. If your dog reaches the point of ketoacidosis, you will have to give your pet a very high quality protein best homemade food for dog with hypothyroidism.

Of course there are some foods you should never feed your dog. Some you may be aware of and some you may not. In doing my research I was surprised by some of them myself.

Fortunately, we don’t need to depend on the commercial brands to nourish our dogs. There are many foods that we can buy that are much healthier. Among those foods are chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and eggs. They should always be cooked thoroughly, never given raw. These whole foods are great natural sources of protein. Other healthy ingredients are vegetables such as celery, spinach, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and peas. Another important component in a dog’s diet is starch. This requirement can be satisfied with cooked potatoes or brown rice. Using these foods is a great way to ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrition. But not all healthy people foods are good for dogs.

The raw food diet for dogs basically consists of what your dog would eat in the wild: raw meat, bones and vegetables. Supporters of this natural diet for dogs report a wide variety of improvements in their pets such as better smelling breath, cleaner teeth, skin and coat improvements and fewer trips to the vet.

My dogs LOVE tomatoes. Some people say that you shouldn’t feed your dog tomatoes but my research tells me that they’re OK in small amounts. It’s the actual tomato plants themselves that are poisonous so watch out for the stems.

Dogs feel great wearing the coats though initially they may feel uncomfortable. You can get your dog a coat that would protect him from environmental changes. On the market, you can get various types of dog coats with different sizes and shapes. The best way is get your dog there, try the coat you want to purchase and give dog gift of a coat. He’s happy buddy now! Also, you can purchase it online on dog and puppy gifts’ shop. They have uniquely designed dog coats that are flexible and fit according to the size and shape of the dog. Nevertheless, in certain cases, you may have to tell them about your dog’s vitals for better deal. But it is not a big issue as lot many people purchase dog and puppy gifts online.

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