Your Ultimate Surfing Training Workout From Laird Hamilton

All of us, if not most, know that physical exercise is good for our health and body. Due to our busy lives, however, this knowledge is placed at a low priority. Lost though procrastination. You end up with no physical exercise routine at all. Time passes by and so fast. Then, looking at yourself, you find yourself in such a mess. Fat and flabby, weak, unfit, stressed, with health conditions. The human body is designed to be active, moving all the time. Using the muscles for strength. Otherwise, our health and body will suffer. The problem for many of us, is simply how to get started, then make physical exercise a daily routine..

Walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes at three miles per hour. But every five or 10 minutes of this Discover new interests, crank your speed up to four miles per hour for two minutes.

Basically, the fat on people’s bellies is composed of subcutaneous fat, found underneath the skin, and visceral fat, found deeper in the belly. It is this visceral fat that surrounds the delicate internal organs. Although some fat is needed to cushion shocks, too much is harmful. Excessive fat belly fat, in fact, is related to health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke.

You will lose a large amount of fluid during exercise and you should be replacing it during exercise. Your body is 75% water and losing too much will cause dehydration and poor blood circulation to your brain and organs. Drinking after exercise is an easy way to boost your recovery. Water supports your metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body. The longer you exercise the more fluid you will lose and more important the fluid replacement will be.

Belly fat is dangerous. It is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Fat cells in the abdomen are different from fat cells in the thigh or arms. Abdominal fat cells produce more harmful, inflammatory chemicals that result in many chronic, degenerative diseases.

Instead of limiting ourselves with what we think exercise should look like, and what constitutes an “official work out”, let’s expand our views to incorporate movement.

The question if you can lose weight without exercise is a matter of who you are, how far you’ve come and how big your weight problem is. There’s no problem that is too big. However, there are different ways to go about the issues you’re facing. If you’re obese, start with a change in your diet, and do it today. If you’re already pretty fit you should continue to eat well and step up your game by planning for how to get more exercise into your life.